Admission Policy

Virtually all elementary schools in Amsterdam switched to an identical and transparent admission policy in 2015. This has brought an end to the different rules per district oor schoolboard. Registering for elementary school and distributing the available places at each school is now done simultaneously, automated and according to identical rules.
This video briefly explains the entire procedure. 

Aanmelden en inschrijven basisschool from Gemeente Amsterdam on Vimeo.


If you want to register your child at the Merkelbachschool find out if your child has priority in our school.
A child has priority at the 8 primary schools that are closest to the home address. You can check this on whether the Schoolwijzer Amsterdam website. Enter your postal code and house number of your official adress and you will immediately see which eight schools are closest to you.

What should you do?
If your child is or becomes 4 years old in 2017-2018 please use the application form that you've received from the municipality in November 2015. If you came to live in Amsterdam after 2015 or did not receive a form, download a blank version of the form here. Please find more information on enrolment here

A place at primary school
The placing procedure aims to place as many children as possible in their first school of preference. This is done in March, June and November. If there are sufficient places, all registered children will be placed. When more children are registered than places are available, an automated proces will determin which children will be placed at which schools. Your child will then participate in the draw by the order of the preferred schools that you've entered on the registration form. Every child (under the same circumstances) has an equal chance. 

The following priority rules will be applied:


1. Children with an older brother or sister in the same school.

2. Children who have a pre school-indication, attend one of our partner pre-schools for at least 8 months and for whom the school is a priority school (determined by postcal code)

3. Children whose parent has a permanent job at the school.

4. Children for whom the school is a priority school (determined by postal code).

After all prioritized children have been placed, the other applicants are eligible for a place.