Enrol your child

In the Netherlands a child has its first day in elementary school when it turns 4 years old. Read below how to enrol your child in Merkelbachschool.
If you live in Amsterdam at the moment your child turns 3 years old, the municipality of Amsterdam will automatically send you an application form to enrol your child in elementary school. If your child turns 4 during this schoolyear (2017-2018) you have received this form in November 2015.
If you just moved to Amsterdam and/or did not receive a registration form please read on below. 

How to proceed with an application form?
- Check if the pre-printed data (adress, name) on the form is correct.  
- Fill out the front and backside of the form, enter the names of your prefered schools.
- Sign the form.
- Hand in the form at the number 1 school on your list (in person or by post).
- The school will enter your application in the central database of the municipality, you receive a confirmation by email.

Also for children who already have an older brother or sister at Merkelbachschool, it's necessary to fill in an application form. But you can skip the prefered school list on the backside of the form. Children with a brother or sister in our school have admission priority.  

How to proceed without an application form?
You can also enrol your child if you have not received a form from the municipality of Amsterdam. For example because you recently moved to Amsterdam. Download the empty application form at the bottom of this page and follow the steps above. Add proof of your (future) address in Amsterdam.
For example your registration at the Municipal Population Register or a copy of a rental contract.
You can also follow this procedure if you have lost the pre-printed registration form.

Application deadlines

The latest submission date of the application form is determined by the date of birth of your child. The next deadline is:


  • 1 november 2018 for children born between may 1st 2015 - augustus 31st 2015
  • 1 maart 2019 for children born between september 1st - december 31st 2015
  • 1 juni 2019 for children born between january 1st  - april 30 2016
  • 1 november 2019 for children born between may 1st - augustus 31st 2016

For admission, read the admission policy. Contact us if you have any questions (020-6428845). We are happy to help you.

Please be aware we always have an introductory meeting before admission of your child. Please use the online form to request an introductory visit.