Enrol your child

In the Netherlands a child has its first day in elementary school when it turns 4 years old.

Read below how to enrol your child in Merkelbachschool.


If a child is already 4 years old, enrolled in another school and taking classes but wants to transfer to the Merkelbach School, a request for 'side entry' can be made.
Parents of children who will turn 4 years old in the 2022-2023 school year and were living in Amsterdam at that time received a letter from the municipality of Amsterdam in November 2021 with a pre-printed application form and brochure.


  • Please check that your child's pre-printed information is correct.
  • Complete the form and indicate your preferred schools.
  • Sign the form.
  • Hand in the form to our administration or send it by post.
  • We will process your application in the central database of the municipality, you will receive a confirmation.


It is also necessary to fill out an application form for children who already have an older brother or sister at our school. You do not have to put other schools than the Merkelbachschool on the preference list. Children with a brother or sister at school have priority.


Didn't receive an application form?

You can also register your child with us if you have not received an application form from the municipality of Amsterdam. For example, if you have only lived in Amsterdam for a short time or are moving there soon.

  • Use this application form and follow the steps above.
  • Add a proof of your (future) address in Amsterdam. For example, an excerpt from the population register or a copy of a rental contract.

You can also follow this procedure if you have lost the pre-printed application form.


Next application deadlines

The deadline for submitting the application form is determined by the date of birth of your child.


The deadlines for handing in the application form are for:

  • children born between 1 September 2020 en 31 December 2020: 7 maart 2024
  • children born between 1 Januari 2021 en 30 April 2021: 6 juni 2024
  • children born between 1 May 2021 en 31 August 2021: 7 november 2024


For a more detailed explanation, please also read Admissions Policy. Please contact us if you have any further questions (020-6428845). We are happy to help you.


Prior to placement we always conduct an introductory meeting (preferably in the presence of your child). Use the online form to request an introductory meeting. Due to restrictions regarding the corona virus, an interview takes place digitally.