Junior Dance, move your body

Join the Merkelbach Academy

The new spring program of the Merkelbach Academy is online. Register now!

This spring we offer 7 different Academy courses. The sports program is compiled by meester Sjors. He introduces an attractive new course called 'monkey moves' and juf Aicha will return with the succesful dance course for toddlers. The Back2BasicsPK crew will also return for some serious Free Running.
The art and science courses are presented in collaboration with Dynamo Talententent. You can join 'Blogging and Vlogging' or be part of a 16 week course by juf Rosie (our music teacher), toddlers can also become mini-professors and in 'Upcycle Bizzkids' you learn to design your own product and market it.

If you are in possession of an Amsterdam Stadspas you can get a discount on the courses with the TT code in the enrolment form through the link below. The Music Madness course can even be completely free with Stadspas thanks to the Youth Culture Fund. If you want to use this option, please contact ewouters[at]
For the other courses you can tick the matching box in the enrolment form through the link below. The price will be adjusted automatically. However, you must be able to present a valid Stadspas in your own name to the Talententent Supervisor at the start of the first lesson.

For enrolment, please switch to our Dutch language website here.