Lunchtime supervision service

If you want to make use of our lunchtime supervision service, please use the form below to register before September 1st. 
If you had your child enroled after September 1st, please contact our coordinator. She will calculate your contribution fee from the date your child starts participating. You can easily pay online through the payment link she will send you by email.
You can choose to pay in installments. You pay the first installment immediately upon registration. The other installments are automatically depreciated in January and April. 
If you opt for the 5-day subscription and pay the full amount at once, you'll receive a nice discount on the annual price.

Be aware: 
- You cannot make use of our lunchtime supervision service without enrolment.
- We can only accept your registration if outstanding amounts have been paid.
- We stimulate a healthy lunch. Find some inspiring examples here:
- The City of Amsterdam offers up to €244 a year to support schoolcosts for low income families.
Any questions? Mail our coordinator.
Form manual step by step:
1. Choose how many days your child will participate.
2. Choose whether you want to pay in installments and how many.
3. Tick the day(s) on which your child will participate.
4. Enter the remaining data.
5. Click 'send'.
6. A payment screen opens. Choose your bank and pay your subscription/first installment.
7. You will receive a confirmation of your registration and payment by email.