After school

We offer an extended school day with quality. Our own Merkelbach Academy offers challenging after-school activities almost daily. In addition, we work together with two organizations that provide after-school care in and near our building. 
Partou childcare is located in our schoolbuilding. We also work together with NSO Bambini (a bit further in the A.J. Ernststraat). Both companies have a supervisor pick up your kid(s) at the classroom door. 

For more information and registration:
Partou AJ Ernststraat (tel. 020-6447599)
NSO Bambini (tel. 020-4042655).
Mirakel Backershagen (tel. 020–6613035)

Merkelbach Academy
The Merkelbach Academy started in the school year 2015-16. A whole new approach to our after-school activities that showed very successful. More than 70% of all children participate annually in one of the art, science/technology or sport courses. You can register easily through the school website.
The Academy is named after Ben Merkelbach, the namesake of our school. He thought it was important to keep developing himself. By working together, doing research and exchanging knowledge. Exactly as our pupils can do at the Academy! The art and science program is developed and executed in collaboration with Dynamo Talententent.