Ben Merkelbach

Our schoolbuilding is designed by another famous architect; Erick van Egeraat.
Our school is named after Merkelbach, architect of the city of Amsterdam between 1956 and 1961.
Merkelbach had set himself the goal of improving the living conditions of people by designing good architecture.
He belonged to the first generation of architects of the so-called Nieuwe Bouwen. He felt that there should be more squares and courtyard gardens in working-class neighbourhoods. Houses also had to be built so that there was as much sun possible for everyone. He claimed "Architecture is not something one can add to life. It is life itself ".
He was therefore very involved in social developments and thought it important to continue to develop himself. By exchanging knowledge and collaborating with other architects, carrying out detailed research into the users of his designs and also presenting his views publically.*
His views reflect our ideas about learning and education as a school. Our after-school courses therefore also carry his name and portrait. (*source: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Ons Amsterdam)