Pre school

In pre-school children can playfully prepare for primary school while their language development is stimulated.

Together with the Villa Fleur nursery and Partou A.J. Ernststraat and Nijenrodeweg our school forms a so called pre-school.

Pre-school is meant for children between the ages of 2 and 6 and aims to offer an extra stimulous for language development and create a continuous learningline with the first grade of primary school.
As a result, the step to primary education for 4-year-olds is less pronounced.

Our pre-school groups work with the 'Ko op Maat' method that connects with our group 1. We regularly work within the same theme as our pre-school groups and organize combined activities for parents around it.


To register your child at one of our pre-school groups, please contact;
- Villa Fleur (tel. 020-4628441)
- Partou A.J. Ernststraat (tel. 020-6613809)
- Partou Nijenrodeweg (tel. 020-6443184).
All partners are housed in our building with the exception of Partou Nijenrodeweg.