Vision and Mission

The atmosphere at Merkelbachschool can be characterized as pleasant and personal. Good learning results are achieved with modern learning tools, tried and tested methods in combination with new educational insights and children are challenged to also develop their non-cognitive talents.

10 distinctive characteristics

Engish language learning in all groups
In our city and the modern (digital) world it is important to learn to speak and write a world language like English. That is why we provide English language learning from group 1. The intended final level in group 8 is A2.


Unique personalized learning software 
Modern learning resources are part of a modern school. That is why we use digital blackboards in all groups and tablets with personalized learning software in group 4 to 8. Read more on how our tablets contribute to learning.


Professional gymnastics teacher

Twice a week our professional gymnastics teacher provides classes to all groups in the well equiped gymnastics hall in our building. We also involve math and language in our physical education.


Rich after school programme by Merkelbach Academy
Culture, sports and science in an attractive mix, immediatly after schoolhours in a continuous learning line with our educational programme. That's the Merkelbach Academy (switch to Dutch website).


Modern communication
We inform parents quickly and interactive through an up to date website, social media en smartphone app 


Positive schoolclimate
With the recognized PBS approach, we ensure a positive school climate that demonstrably promotes learning performance.


Cultural education
Culture is an essential part of modern citizenship. We provide bi-weekly music lessons by a professional musician of the Music School Amsterdam, regularly invite artists in school to give workshops, support projects or exibit their work and frequently go out to visit museums and theater-, dance- or music performances in the city.

Extra challenge or support

Children in need of extra learning challenges can join the ‘Day a week school’ in our building. We are 1 of 16 DWS locations in the city. Children who have more difficulty learning are supported by our own Remedial Teacher.

Together we make school
With organizations (VU University, Community Centre) and companies (ABN/AMRO, Partou, Element Hotel, Accenture) in the immediate vicinity of the school, we are working on a unique network for learning: 'Knowledge quarter Zuidas'.

Under 1 roof
In our modern school building we offer many different services under one roof such as a pre-school, parent-child center and and after-school care. 

Our schoolprofile

With our education we want to contribute to the personal and social development of our pupils. We help them develop skills that are indispensable in the knowledge society of today and on the labor market of the future.
To achieve this goal, we link classical learning based on proven methods with modern evidence based learning and entrepreneurial projects. We involve people and organisations in the environment of the school because we believe that modern education should be at the heart of society.
We challenge our pupils to do research, ask questions and solve problems. We teach them to share views and materials, to make use of each other's knowledge and skills and to present findings together.
In this way we give learning more meaning and we increase the learning pleasure.
Taking the curiosity of children as a startingpoint is an essential aspect of our schoolprofile.
The fact that we have a modern vision on education does not mean, however, that we 'go along' with all educational trends. Our school has a long tradition in result-oriented working and our team has a lot of teaching experience. We combine this knowledge and experience with innovations that are proven to be effective and fit the changing society. This balance forms the heart of the Merkelbach School's profile.