Parents Association

The Merkelbachschool has an active Parents Association (PA). The PA consists of parents from all groups. They are also 'class parents' for a group.
Class parents help the teachers out with extra activities and arrange parent support if necessary. The PA organises all anual schooltrips and is responsible for the collection of parental contributions.
The PA meets about 5 times a year. At these meetings, the schooldirector and a teacher are also present.


Our annual parental contribution is € 38.50. The contribution for a second child is € 36,-. (for a third child no contribution will be charged).
The parental contribution is used for extra curricular activities such as the Sinterklaas feast, the Christmas dinner, sports day and Easter breakfast. The PA administers the parental contribution and makes an annual budget and settlement that all parents receive to transparently account for all spendings.


Members of the Parents Association


Judith Kacen chairman
Fatima El Amrani treasurer
Jennifer class parent group 1/2A

Cheryl & Mirna

class parent group 1/2B
Lizzy & Valeriya class parent group 1/2C
Ana  & Monique  class parent group 3A
Elmarie & Maryam  class parent group 3B
Kartic & Roxane  class parent group 4
Athena  class parent group 5A
Malika  & Zuriñe  class parent group 5B
Natasja  & Gaby  class parent group 6
Iren  class parent group 7
Marloes  class parent group 8



- Lice control coördinator
- Lice parents


More information about the vacancy is available with chairman Judith Kacen or director Esther de Jong.
Fill in the form below and the current treasurer will contact you without obligation.


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