Representative Advisory Board

The Representative Advisory Board is the legally regulated public consultation body in the school.


Participation of parents, students and staff helps better govern the school.
The final responsibility for the policies of the school is in the hands of the school board.
These policies affect the students, staff and parents. Through the Representative Advisory Board (RAR), they can influence this policy.


The RAR consists of a parent section, two parents representing the parents, and a staff section, two teachers representing the team.

The RAR meets at least 4 times a year. These meetings are generally public.
The right to co-determination is laid down in the Co-Participation Act.


Members of the Representative Advisory Board:

On behalf of the parents:
Sengul Yagmur (chairman) 

Jorinde Crone

On behalf of the staff:

Annelies van Maanen

Marieke Withagen

 You can reach the Representative Advisory Board via: mr[at]