Our school

The Merkelbachschool is a contemporary (Dutch speaking) public primary school on the edge of the busy Zuidas district on the South side of Amsterdam. We connect 'classical' learning on the basis of proven methods with a modern project based aproach in which evidence based learning is central.
We are internationally orientated, won a national prize for internationalisation in 2016 (Orange Carpet Award) and provide 'early foreign language education'.
The school is historically small and has a unique personal atmosphere with currently around 200 pupils.
Our experienced team provides good learning outcomes with modern means and also challenges our pupils to develop their non-cognitive talents.

We are housed in a modern and easily accessible building designed by architect Erick van Egeraat.  
A nursery, preschool, after-school care and a parent-child center are also located in the same building.

What distinguishes our school is summarized in 10 characteristics

You can also check out our short introductory video.




The following information is in Dutch:





Our pupils come from different areas in the South of Amsterdam (blue in the map below).

Together they form our so called 'primary enrolment area'. 










Positive community

How kids deal with each other influences the learning outcomes. That is why we stimulate a positive school climate.

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Vision and Mission

The size of our school ensures a pleasant, open and personal atmosphere. This is also reflected in our vision and mission.

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Part of society

On the edge of one of the quickest developing area's of the city, we think it is important kids learn about and from their environment.

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Modern tools

All groups have digital blackboards and from group 4 to 8 we also work with tablets.

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English in all groups

In our city and the modern (digital) world it's important to be able to speak English. 

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Ben Merkelbach

The school is named after an architect whose architecture fits our vision on education.

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Pre school
We cooperate with 3 pre-schools in support of (language) development.
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After school
We offer high quality after-school care in our Academy and with partners in and near our building.
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Stay over
De Broodtrommel provides lunchtime supervision for kids that stay over during lunchbreak.
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School hours
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